How the worst thing that ever happened to you
can turn into
the best thing that ever happened to you.

~ Alexandra Brown, A Road To Joy, 2019

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Life has a nasty way of sneaking up on us and pulling the carpet out from under our feet when we least expect it. We lose jobs, relationships end, long-embedded circumstances suddenly change. It happens to all of us as some point, and for the most part, we trudge on and recover.

But sometimes, we don’t. Sometimes, we’re left with nothing. Or worse, less than nothing. Loss can be devastating. It’s personal, it’s overwhelming, it’s unique. It can rob you of your confidence, your future, and your energy. It can leave you exposed, vulnerable, and lost, unable to move forward, unable to move at all.

But what if the end isn’t the end? What if it’s actually the beginning?

Join Alexandra as she explores the possibilities of creating strength from fear, purpose from despair, and hope from loss.

Alexandra Stacey is, in no particular order: woman, mother, publisher, designer, artist, Canadian, speaker, potter, writer, builder, inventor, dreamer, voter, widow. She deeply desires to help other women to discover their true selves, to live their fullest lives, and to create the impact they know in their hearts they’re meant to create. Because in the end, women will change the world.

A special note to the men in our world. You are loved. You are wanted. You are valued. And you are absolutely and completely welcome in this space. But because most of the people here face the challenges and fears that are felt primarily by women, you may feel left out. That is not the intent. In fact, men who value women, who encourage their strength, who respect their compassion, and who love their spirit, are the most valuable friends we have. Please stay, introduce yourself, and feel free to join us.

Link to A Road To Joy, The Novel

One woman’s journey of self-discovery after a life-changing loss follows her solitary, and very impromptu road trip across Western Canada. Funny, poignant, emotional, and candid, her search for escape connects us all through our grief, taking us to a place where healing can finally begin.

Learn about Alexandra’s writing process, and all about how the story came to be, through her open and honest pre and post launch videos and articles. Ask questions. Share comments. Purchase a print or e-copy of the novel.

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