What’s next?

After a total creative stall during lockdown, Alex has managed an almost-complete recovery of her physical environment, her fitness goals (yeah, losing that covid-19 that actually turned out to be kilograms, not pounds…), and her forward momentum. No small feat!

She actually managed to block out the winter months leading into 2022 to concentrate on writing while holed up inside. But what to write?

A sequel to A Road To Joy would seem the obvious choice, but, as she is still doing extensive research for that book, it’s not top of the list.

But an idea that has taken root, and now taken over her life pushed all others to the side.

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Link to A Road To Joy, The Novel

One woman’s journey of self-discovery after a life-changing loss follows her solitary, and very impromptu road trip across Western Canada. Funny, poignant, emotional, and candid, her search for escape connects us all through our grief, taking us to a place where healing can finally begin.

Learn about Alexandra’s writing process, and all about how the story came to be, through her open and honest pre and post launch videos and articles. Ask questions. Share comments. Purchase a print or e-copy of the novel.

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